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Accuracy and Food Safety Detail

Recipes do not usually include all the details that could affect cooking time, such as how many birds there are on a tray or whether they are turned, and they do not provide detailed advice on how to make sure the bird is thoroughly and safely cooked (Reference: Taylor and Forte, 2008).

Cook until juices run clear” is a frequently used phrase, but it is not accurate or detailed enough to demonstrate safe cooking or to be used and understood by someone new to the procedure. It also does not provide any advice on what to do if things go wrong. Recipes also rarely document other related kitchen tasks such as chilling, avoiding cross contamination and supervision.

In contrast, the Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide very clear and scientifically accurate guidance specific to safety. For example, each Cooking SOP provides concise and easy-to-understand instructions on how to determine the safety of menu items, supported by example pictures of safe and unsafe food.

Furthermore, Menu-Safe does not merely focus on the cooking tasks. It also covers all the supporting activities in the SOPs for Cooling, Cold Preparation, Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) and Management. In addition, the system provides proven instructions on what action to take if things go wrong.

To ensure all the guidance in Menu-Safe is accurate, all of the content, from the high level concepts to the exact wording, was subject to unprecedented scientific, academic and practical review, rigour and validation.

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