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“Easier to understand, easier to complete, easier to audit, easier to manage...standards improve
...more consistency...less wastage...less mistakes... I know you won’t believe this and it’s
not PR but we’ve had no food complaints since implementing this system.”

Roy West - Hospitality Manager - Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK.

At a high level, the advantages of Menu-Safe are the following:
• It has been proved through extensive research that the Menu-Safe method enables and improves food safety management in the hospitality, catering andf food service industry, where all other systems have failed.
• It completely satisfies GHP and HACCP requirements, whilst at the same time being universally praised for being fast, simple and economical to train and implement, as well as easy, quick and intuitive to use and manage.
• It brings about a fundamental positive shift in food safety knowledge, behaviour, attitude and competence with minimal investment and support.

The advantages of the Menu-Safe system are outlined in more detail in the following sections:
Accuracy and Food Safety Detail
The Avoidance of Repetition
On-site, On-the-job Training
The Demonstration of Skills
Freedom from Jargon and Complexity
Compliance with HACCP principles

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