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Compliance with HACCP Principles

It can be seen that Menu-Safe offers a concise, practical, user-friendly and complete approach to implementing, documenting and managing safe hospitality procedures and record keeping. It is an approach requiring minimal effort from businesses, it does not use technical language or require any information that is not directly relevant, and each Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) can cover a huge range of menu items, activies and techniques.

However, and very importantly, Menu-Safe brings huge benefits without sacrificing compliance with HACCP principles.

The fundamental aim of the Menu-Safe research and development project was to create a food safety management system that would help hospitality businesses make safer food and thereby improve public health. By using a bottom-up approach, starting from scratch and utilising key elements of HACCP, such as risk and focus, the end result was a complete and fully compliant food safety management system.

It not only incorporates all of the principles of HACCP but includes the pre-requisite control of general hazards as well. As such, the system solves many of the problems that are inherent in a “classical” HACCP system for hospitality.

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This section has shown the advantages of Menu-Safe. The benefits of the system are clear, validated and thoroughly proven. It is simply the most advanced, effective, easy to implement, use and manage food safety system for hospitality in existence.

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