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“Straight forward and easy for us to use in the kitchen.”
Alexander Stumpf - Sous Chef - ZUMA restaurant, Dubai, UAE.

The main components of the Menu-Safe food safety management system are shown below (please read an important note regarding copyright here).

1) The Safe Operating Procedure (SOPs)

The Menu-Safe SOPs are interactive, full colour guides to common kitchen practices for cooking, cooling, cold preparation, Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) and managing food safety.

The Menu-Safe SOPs have been scientifically validated, and provide a fully HACCP and GHP compliant structure with which businesses manage food safety.

2) The Menu-Safe Diary

The Diary is a simple but highly effective method of HACCP record keeping that is designed to meet the practical demands of the catering and food service environment. It is built on a concept of minimum records for maximum safety, and saves businesses a significant amount of time and effort without sacrificing full HACCP compliance.

A one year Diary is included with the system, providing daily entries, weekly summaries, self-audit and monthly checks.

3) The Menu-Safe Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide is an essential companion to Menu-Safe.

It provides step-by-step instructions for implementing Menu-Safe in a business. It covers all aspects of integrating the system with a specific business' cuisine, menu, suppliers and other processes and needs.

Also, it provides detailed guidelines on how to train staff members to use and maintain Menu-Safe.

4) Food Safety Passports

The Menu-Safe Food Safety Passports are used in the business to log the training given to members of staff.

For every Safe Method that a staff member is responsible for carrying out, the Passport provides a tool for tracking the completion and supervision of both the training and execution.

Four Passports are included in each Menu-Safe pack.

5) Essential Food Safety - Intermediate Level

This book provides an detailed guide to the causes of food borne disease, including the basics of food microbiology and the fundamental principles of how to avoid spreading harmful bacteria. It provides valuable context and background to the Safe Methods, and provides users with insight into the theories underpinning the system.

It is intended for managers in businesses to learn more of the theory that underpins the Menu-Safe system.

6) Essential Food Safety - Basic Level

This book provides an excellent overview of the fundamentals of food safety, including the causes of food borne disease, and the practical methods to prevent it.

It is intended for food handlers in businesses to provide them with a foundation of food safety knowledge.

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