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The Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide a detailed, user-friendly framework for standard, safe kitchen practices.

To ensure that Menu-Safe is applicable to every hospitality business, each SOP is designed to allow individual businesses to write details specific to their business. Some samples of business-specific customisations are shown on the right.

For example, in the Cooking SOPs, in the SOP for poultry, several types of products can be included by the business, such as chicken, turkey, duck or other whole birds, as well as multiple cooking methods.

In this way only one SOP is required for a range of different menu items, flavours and types, rather than a vast collection of slightly different recipes.

 In this way Menu-Safe is a system that is very manageable in terms of size, but flexible enough to accommodate a  vast array of business-specific content (recipes, equipment, processes, etc.).

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