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Freedom from Jargon and Complexity

Unlike the "classical" HACCP approach, Menu-Safe meets all the underlying requirements of HACCP without the requirement for technical language or theoretical decision making.

For critical points in a process, monitoring procedures for the critical limit are referred to simply as how to 'check' the food is safely cooked. Corrective actions are included, but in practical terms as 'What to do when things go wrong'.

The technical analysis of hazards has been undertaken by experts to remove this complex responsibility from individual businesses. The 'science' is translated into practical and simple actions to ensure safe food.

The advantage of the simplified language of Menu-Safe is clear: the system can be understood by anyone. It is not linguistically intimidating. Education levels within hospitality businesses span the range of extensive to minimal, and also, importantly, the industry is a cross border employer, with the vast range of cuisines often resulting in staff members working in countries where they do not speak the local language. Therefore, the accessibility of Menu-Safe from a language point of view overcomes a huge barrier to implementation.

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