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Menu-Safe can help people with the management of their businesses. Working through the Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) helps managers understand exactly what is going on in the kitchen, increases communication between staff and helps to make roles and responsibilities clearer.

There are also specific Management SOPs for activities such as supervising staff and managing stock. Not only does this drive consistency and clarity, but also provides a valuable 'back-up' for management: if the person in charge has to leave the premises on a particular occasion, or does not work on the premises at all, having the SOPs in place can make sure staff always know what to do, even in a crisis (it is important to remember that it is a crisis situation that usually leads to outbreaks of food borne disease; Menu-Safe pre-empts this risk by providing ready-made solutions and contingencies).

Also, the extensive research that underpins Menu-Safe revealed that the system eases a number of problems that managers traditionally encountered with regards to food safety, including the lack of staff motivation, shortfalls of resources and competence, and resistence to change.

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