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Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)

Professor Eunice Taylor, lead creator of Menu-Safe and SFBB.
The Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) system was created for the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA - www.food.gov.uk) by the same team that created Menu-Safe (led by Professor Eunice Taylor).

SFBB is a shortened version of Menu-Safe. It is a 'ready-to-use' package containing a minimal form of documentation and record-keeping applicable only in 'micro' (i.e. very small) food service businesses such as street vendors or independent caf├ęs.

Click here for some frequently asked questions regarding SFBB.

The system is available free-of-charge from the UK FSA website. To access the FSA download page, click the button below:

The applicability of SFBB in relation to Menu-Safe is shown below:

Frequently asked questions regarding SFBB:
1) If my business uses SFBB, can we get HACCP certified?
2) Is SFBB applicable in my business?
3) We are based outside England, can we use SFBB?
4) Does my business have to buy SFBB?

1) If my business uses SFBB, can we get HACCP certified? No, it is not possible to get HACCP cerification for SFBB. It was designed for use in the smallest businesses and is not intended to enable HACCP certification.

2) Is SFBB applicable in my business? SFBB is only intended for the smallest food service businesses (as a guideline the system was designed for 'micro' businesses with four employees or less). Is is not applicable in larger businesses, because it does not contain the level of detail required to manage food safety in all but the simplest and smallest operations. See the table above for applicability.

3) We are based outside England, can we use SFBB? SFBB was specifically designed for England. Environmental Health Officers and inspectors in England recognise the system, and will therefore accept it as a solution for very small businesses. But, this is not necessarily the case in other countries. Businesses outside England are advised to check with their local authority, municipality or government whether SFBB is an acceptable solution.

From a usability perspective, SFBB was designed for the English food service environment, and only for simple operations, so does not support international considerations such as water quality, country-specific pathogens and so on. Overall, therefore, SFBB is very limited in its application outside England.

4) Does my business have to buy SFBB? No, SFBB is available free-of-charge. We have provided a link above to the FSA download page.
IMPORTANT: Commercial companies do not have the right to sell SFBB in it's current format. The copyright in the system is complicated, because there were a large number of contributors during its design and development. If a commercial company offers to sell SFBB in it's current format, you should contact the UK government agency in charge of Crown Copyright via the following email address: psi@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk.

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