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“This is the best thing that has happened to me in the last 10 years of my career.
You brought solutions, not more problems.”

Fadhila Al Bahry - Deputy Director of Food Control - Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources, Oman.

Menu-Safe implementation begins with the training of the person most responsible for food safety in the business. This could be the manager, the head chef, the owner, or someone else. However, for the purposes of this description, the person responsible will be referred to as the 'manager'.

Training content
The Menu-Safe Management Training course covers everything a manager needs to know to implement Menu-Safe in their business. The training content includes:
• the theory of the system,
• the key system components,
• implementation of the Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs),
• customisation of the SOPs,
• implementation of the Menu-Safe Diary,
• training of staff members,
• supervision and maintainance of the entire system,
• case studies and activities.

Training design
Menu-Safe Management Training has been carefully designed by veteran training and train-the-trainer experts in conjunction with the Menu-Safe content leads. It has been designed to succeed where many other training courses fail. It is highly engaging and interactive. There is a very limited amount of basic presentation delivery, which often causes boredom and a lack of involvement for trainees. Instead the course involves a variety of activities and teaching styles that, based on the feedback from every trainee to date, is both extremely effective and enjoyable.

Menu-Safe training sessions are led by fully qualified and experienced trainers. Menu-Safe trainers go through extrensive screening and then intensive training to ensure they are of a high enough quality to deliver the Menu-Safe Management course.

Training specifications
Menu-Safe Management Training delivered in a classroom session. Each session is limited to a maximum of 12 trainees, to ensure a very high quality learning environment. The session is delivered in a fully equipped classroom. The price per trainee includes:
• The Menu-Safe training session,
• One full Menu-Safe system (see here for details),
• Implementation Support.

Menu-Safe training sessions are currently being delivered in various locations globally. Click here to locate the nearest session in your region.

Menu-Safe Diploma
At the end of the training, managers will have the opportunity to take a short multiple choice examination. Alternatively, examinations can be taken at a later date at dedicated examination sessions. Once a manager has passed the exam, they will be personally certified with a Diploma in Menu-Safe Management.

Additional training materials
Once the manager is trained, they can implement Menu-Safe in their business.

This task is supported by the Menu-Safe Implementation Guide, which is included with the Menu-Safe pack. This book provides detailed guidance to managers implementing the system.

Also included in with Menu-Safe is the Essential Food Safety handbook, which provides more details on food safety for managers who want to learn more.

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