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The Advantages of Menu-Safe - User Friendliness

Menu-Safe is extremely user-friendly and highly accessible. It is designed to present a very simple 'interface' to the user, without exposing them to the complexity of normal food safety systems. The technical foundation of Menu-Safe is hidden. In other words it does not look like HACCP or GHP, but it satisfies the technical and practical requirements of both.
The system was developed in a language that practitioners can understand, and is based on common and familiar practices that are already in place, with minimal change required. Menu-Safe hides the science, removes the technical language, and omits the jargon that have made "classical" HACCP systems difficult to use.

During the original development project, the Menu-Safe method was tested in 50 diverse businesses, randomly selected across a wide area, and every business implemented the system with success. Moreover, they enjoyed the process! Since then, the system has been implemented in businesses in various countries, cultures and situations, with exactly the same positive results.

Many managers and chefs commented that enforcers had never asked them about their menus and practical cooking methods, and they appreciated the fact that Menu-Safe is based on documenting what they do right rather than trying to find what they do wrong.
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